Financial Advisors

Find your fit.  Rowlette works with Financial Advisors from all areas of the industry:

Retail Brokerage:  For advisors who are in or would like to explore the traditional retail brokerage firms such as Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, Raymond James and UBS, we have the ability to work directly with just about any firm in the industry and have national contracts with a number of them as well. Our time in the industry has given us a perspective that many do not have, the experience of working with advisors at and moving to these firms has given us the knowledge to know what all of the value propositions are out there today.

Bank Brokerage: for advisors who would like to explore options in the bank brokerage world we offer opportunities for those who would like to be in a high traffic environment working directly with clients in retail bank branches as well as those who have a niche business and prefer to work directly with accounts over $1million, medical and dental professions as well as sports and entertainment. Our client set is made up of top firms that are regionally, nationally and globally recognized with industry best capabilities. These firms look for top talent at retail brokerage firms as well as other banks and credit unions to join them and help develop strategies for their existing clients and team members to grow their wealth management presence.

Independent Advisors:  Independent doesn’t have to mean “alone.” We can help you establish your own brand or help you identify and plug into an existing group of practice owners for leverage and scale. Independence is for advisors who are ready to make the transition to ownership of their practice. We represent a number of independent broker dealers and registered investment advisory platforms that accommodate a wide variety of interests and preferences. From those who are nationally recognized brands with lucrative financial packages, transition assistance and more than 5,000 independent reps to boutiques with fewer than 300 advisors that cater primarily to advisors producing more than $500,000 in GDC, our clients can deliver what you are looking for to establish, run, grow and ultimately sell your practice. Our consulting services can also provide assistance in finding the right fit outside of our client set and also negotiate financial packages for you and your staff.

Consulting/Coaching:  We offer customized consulting and coaching solutions to advisors, practices, companies and associations who are interested in making a change, growing via recruiting and/or acquiring and selling practices or providing an educational platform for groups of industry professionals. Rowlette has worked with thousands of clients to achieve their goals.

Advisors:  We’ve assisted more than 1,000 advisors transition firms and not all of those made the change to one of our clients. In many cases advisors and practices will hire us to help them identify and choose the right company, negotiate their financial packages as well as staff and even office layouts.

Brokerage Firms: We have the experience to help firms establish or improve upon their current recruiting programs. Whether you’re a super-regional bank with billions in assets looking for help to improve your recruiting model or a practice just getting started in the recruiting business we can help. After more than 25 years in business we’ve seen best practices in all segments of the industry and can provide you direct insight into what the best of the best are doing to be successful.

Acquisition and Succession Planning:  We’ve worked with hundreds of independent practices and firms who were interested in selling their business or finding and acquiring practices looking for a succession plan. Our professionals can provide services to help you prepare your practice for sale, identify potential buyers, value and ultimately negotiate the sale of your practice. Those looking to acquire can contact us for help in identifying potential acquisition opportunities in markets throughout the United States.

Associations:  We’ve been hired on a number of occasions to provide workshops and coaching programs for organizations, including Universities and financial planning associations,  focused on development and education on topics from financial planning and wealth management to recruiting and branding.